Different leather boots and cool accessories

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  • Leather?


    These boots are all leather??

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  • Does the Steel cap make the boot smaller?


    Hi Steel Boots, I\\\'m wondering if you recomend that I go up one size when purchasing a pair of steel toed boots from you?

  • winter shoes


    you have winter boots with 8 or 10 rings? And what is the cost?

  • Do you used animal leather or artificial one?

  • Boots without steel toe


    I had purchased a pair of red boots with a zip, but without a steel toe tip years ago, and I wear those almost every day in winter and summer time... Granted, I had to repair the zipping mechanism two times already in that time, as it breaks easily. But I love these boots very much anyway, because they are just so conformable. Personally, I feel way more comfortable in them than in Dr Martens. Apart from being comfortable they look cool, and stylish, very old-school, with a nice pattern to them. I do own a pair of 10 eyes steel as well, with a steel toe, yet without a zip. But I do not feel like those are very practical, as my feeling wearing them is far from comfortable. They are so heavy, that my toe is pressed in them, and hence, I don't like them. My question to you, therefore, is: Why don't you sell the version with the zip mechanism and without a steel toe? ? (Or some other version with a zip please?)

  • Pig skin leather?


    what skin is used for the padding in the boot?